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99% of content you find in these courses are available for free on the internet in various forms. But for a more structured, detailed approach, experienced approach you might like to check out our online courses 🙈

No-Code Jumpstart

Figuring out signal in a noisy world is hard. So the jumpstart program is designed to empower you with fundamentals of No-Code along with actionable insights without getting lost in the complexities and jargons.

What you will learn?
A Case study approach to No-Code so you can build confidently and quickly.

What tools will you learn?
Your beginner friendly set to get started with No-Code 🔥

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No-Code Jumpstart
Learn how to make your business ideas into reality using no-code in no time from our practitioners in this jumpstart.

Design Learnstreams

With over two decades of experience, we've created a course structure called Learnstreams that allows you to learn design with an instructor and a cohort in a live session. We're sharing this with you so you can learn design for yourself.

If you want to get into design and build a career for yourself in Design but you are confused or want a guidance with a clear outline, the learnstreams is perfect for you.  We've outlined the course details on this page.

Who is learnstreams for?
If you are transistioning to design career, then yes.
If you are learning design to work with designers, then yes.
If you are a senior and experienced designer, then no.

Xperian School - Learnstreams
Learn Design, Product & more in a focused and structured manner with an instructor.

Carrd Course

Carrd is a versatile single page builder for most contexts.

Build one-page sites for pretty much anything. Whether it's a personal profile, a landing page to capture emails, or something a bit more elaborate, Carrd has you covered. Simple, responsive, and starts with a free plan.

When should you use Carrd?
Consider using Carrd only if you fit these criteria:

  • Build quick landing pages.
  • Budget is below $50/yr for websites.
  • Quick static websites for your projects.
  • Making & Testing your landing pages.

When should you not use Carrd?
Do not use Carrd, if you want the following features:

  • Extreme design control in your website
  • Looking for inbuilt animations for your website.
  • Complex back end operations like CMS or Blogs.

We've built more than 30+ projects using Carrd and made more than $400k for every MVP. Enrol now to leverage Carrd entirely.

Carrd Course
Learn how to build websites using Carrd.Build & launch a Carrd websites at your pace.