Introducing No-Code Builders' Fellowship

Introducing No-Code Builders' Fellowship

The new Cohort Launch in Collaboration with NextLeap.

So, its another No-Code Cohort but you need to know if this for you.

Let's Find out πŸ‘‡

Are you a product manager or a product designer?

No-Code is perfect for you. Validate your ideas and take them to market, get feedback and iterate upon them.

No-Code is the one skill that will help you backup your ideas and add evidence to your hunches 😬

Are you are non-tech founder or a startup looking to validate your ideas?

We don't know how to code and we've used No-Code to validate business ideas and continue to use as we're on our way to make our first million $ using No-Code. You will learn from our playbook and launch.

Are you looking for your next side-hustle?

Side hustles to build your brand or share your knowledge and it need not be expensive to set this up. No-Code will help you get your project up and running under your budget.

Want to know who's teaching you? Read on πŸ‘‡

We have Madhuri and Karthi to help you take your idea to reality with the right frameworks using No-Code.

This cohort also has a fantastic set of mentors with Bhanu, Arjun, Vaidehi and Vamsi Krishna who will guide you throughout these 5 weeks with a cohort of learners.

What tools will i learn?

Tools should always be the after thought as you can get lost with the shiny object syndrome. You can always learn tools but learning how to use the right frameworks will help you solve any problem you might want to launch.

Here is a gist of tools, we want you to know when learning No-CodeπŸ‘‡

Tools covered in the No-Code Builders Fellowship

Sounds like this cohort for you? Signup now πŸ‘‡

No-Code Builders’ Fellowship
In 5 weeks, learn how to take a product from concept to launch using product principles, structured frameworks and No-Code tools.