Impacting lives and doing meaningful work is a dream for many. But for a Designer, the privilege to change human lives is a given. All said and done, the journey of being a Designer can be chaotic and confusing.

But no more! Our goal is to bring the needed clarity and creative confidence to all the aspiring and self-taught Product Designers.

After 12 successful cohorts, today we are launching our All-New Signature Product Design Bootcamp โ€” to up-skill and elevate the Maker in you.

This new program is a product of learnings and insights from our 2000+ alumni in the past 1000+ days. We spent more than 6 months crafting this new cohort program.

Here is a 16 week digital product design aka ux/ui boot camp like no other upcoming in September. The bootcamp brings our best learnings from being practitioners and teachers all along.

Our obsession is to bring you a systematic and a structured way of understanding user experience design and user interface design. Here is a quick video (~5 mins) on what problem we are trying to solve and raise the bar of creative problem solving as team Xperian via DPDI 2021.

Applications are now open. ๐Ÿฅณ ย Learn more and apply here ๐Ÿ‘‡

Digital Product Design Intensive
A 16-week Product Design bootcamp that is cohort-based and coach-led, to create better digital products, level up career and become industry-ready designer by mastering the fundamentals.