5 Businesses you can run with No-Code

Feb 2, 2021

It's 2021 and you should be able to run a business without writing a piece of code and probably, launch them in a weekend, lets get started 😉

A Curated Content Product

Launch a product with curated information. It could be merchandise or dropshipping for any ecommerce store, design books, interesting fiction books, etc.

Example: Read list by Ankit

Stacks used: Coda

Readlist by Ankit Kumar

Build a SAAS Product.

Launch a Software as a Service Business with No-Code tools and validate your ideas before you launch it with a tech stack.

Example: Make my Resume by Kavir

Stacks used: Google Sheets & Glide Apps.

Build a Marketplace.

Launch a scalable marketplace app with the help of No-Code tools and with a little help with code.

Example: Steerme by Vaidehi Bharadwaj

Stacks used: Google Sheets, Integromat & Glide Apps.

Build a On-Demand Coaching Service

Launch a on-demand coaching for any sector or customer and enable them to make better decisions.

Example: Relayte by Nipun & Palak

Stacks used: Google Sheets, Airtable, Zapier & Wix


Enable a Niche Professional Network Meetup

With the help of No-Code Automations and a quick front end to enable relationships for professionals of any niche.

Example: Grab Chai by Suhas & Aditya

Stacks used: Google Sheets, Zapier & Wix

Grab Chai
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