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Introducing: Product Design Fellowship (PDF)

Introducing: Product Design Fellowship (PDF)

Here are some hard truths that will set you free as a designer 👇

1. You will spend more time selling your design than actually designing 🤷‍♀️

2. Your cheque is signed by a business owner. Having a strong backbone and standing up for your design to the folks who sign your cheques, needs a lot of clarity and articulation ability. When you don't have it, your design career will suffer 🥺

3. Your mindset matters a lot more than your skillset and toolset when it comes to design. Unfortunately design schools don't teach you the former 😠

4. Building design competence is different from building a design career. The former is input and later is output. It is human to focus on the output. This will make you chase your tail 😏

5. In the world of digital product design, you will be able to converse better using your UI than your UX. Human beings around you will appreciate tangibles more than intangibles. So up your UI skills even if you are a UX designer. No one will tell you that 🤨

It took us over a decade to figure out these hard hitting truths.

You don't have to spend so much time figuring things out when we can show you the path from day one. The intent of PDF (Product Design fellowship) is to teach you everything you must know to get started with your design career.

Best suited for aspiring product designers, entry level designers and junior designers. Learn it once and apply it for a lifetime.

The Product Design Fellowship is a collaboration of Nextleap + Xperian and we bring you the best of industry faculty for your learning.

Design Teachers for PDF

& great mentors to help you with learning in the process of becoming a product designer.

Mentors for PDF

PDF starts on June 4th.

Join in ⇣to fast track your design career 🔥

Product Designer Fellowship
For anyone trying to break into a product design (UI/UX) role Kickstart your career as a product designer (UI/UX) and grab an opportunity at top tech companies.
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